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Donation (deposition)

1. Anthropological investigations

For the investigation of anthropological characteristics of the populations leaving in Republic of Macedonia and for Macedonians leaving in other countries it is necessary to fill Written consent  [*.doc] [*.pdf] in which personal data, data for their parents, and data of parent's parents (two generations backward) are defined.  Ten mL blood EDTA(K3) is taken and sent by courier to the Macedonian Human DNA Bank or is visiting the Foundation Macedonian Donor Registry (MKDR), Skopje, where the blood is taken.

Macedonian Human DNA Bank have special interest for anthropological investigation for:


2. Application for Project

Each medical doctor can apply for project in Macedonian Human DNA Bank with intention to deposit DNA samples for certain defined disease and to arrange genetic tests for the patients. It is necessary to fill Application for Project in Macedonian Human DNA Bank  [*.doc] [*.pdf].


3. Taking samples for genetic testing

Medical doctors are obliged to give the text Informed Consent for Diagnostic Testing to each of the patient to take time for reading and independent informed choice.  If the patient decide to be included in genetic testing, he and his medical doctor are signing Informed Consent for Genetic Testing [*.doc] [*.pdf] and attend at the Foundation Macedonian Donor Registry (MKDR) for taking blood for analysis, or the blood sample can be taken in other health institution and sent to MKDR.


4. Materials form hDNAMKD

Each scientist from the Republic of Macedonia or from other country has a right to order materials from Macedonian Human DNA Bank for scientific purposes after submission of special order forms [*.doc] [*.pdf].


5. Request for sample destruction

Each person, patient or medical doctor (depositor) has a right to request destruction of all DNA samples deposited in Macedonian Human DNA Bank, if submit Request for Sample Destruction [*.doc] [*.pdf].


6. Ownership of the sample 

The owner of the anthropology data is Foundation Macedonian Donor Registry (MKDR), Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Banked DNA from the patients is property of the depositors (MKDR and MD who sent the material for DNA banking).


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